What does my Pro Plan from PRO EDU include?



Here are the different packages from PROEDU.com and Pocket Portfolio.  If there are additional questions don't hesitate to reach out!


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Pro Plan + Pocket Portfolio


  • Pocket Portfolio FREE For Life ($540/Year Value)

    • This Pocket plan comes with 250GB of storage while possessing Pro Plan membership.
  • Vysics FREE FOR LIFE including upgrades

  • Annual Plans Paid Monthly Available $49.00/Month

  • 50% OFF Synchronous & A-Synchronous certification courses

  • Watch Offline & Download Content

  • Private Discord Community


Black Friday Deals

  • These deals were purchased between November 16th to December 7th from www.proedu.com.

$100 + Purchase + Pocket Portfolio

  • If $100 + is spent on www.proedu.com during Black Friday Pocket Portfolio will be included for 1 year with 50gb worth of storage.
  • Storage can be upgraded and the discount for 50gb will still be applied for the duration of the year.
  • Coupon must be activated by January 31st 2022

Black Premium Silver


Black Premium Gold


Black Premium Platinum


Founder 2.0

  • Lifetime PRO PLAN ($20,000)

  • Lifetime Pocket + All Upgrades ($20,000)

    • This Pocket plan is for Unlimited Storage Plan for life.
  • Lifetime Vysics ($15,000) + Future Releases

  • Free Creative Overlays ($1,806)

  • 5 Course Credits ($2,495)

  • ALL PRO EDU Master Collections Free For Life ($5,000)*

  • New Sky Library ($299)

  • Five 30 Minute Sessions With Sef ($625)

  • Five 30 Minute Sessions with for website/portfolio development ($625)

  • Composite Stock Assets Free ($1,867)

  • Private Dedicated Founder Channel In Slack
  • 50-75% Off Additional Software like Maxon One for courses.


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