How do I use the layout engine?


Instead of having templates that are eternal once decided on, layout engines can give a website fresh looks whenever the artist desires.  Let's get started!

Quick Jump

1. Navigate To The Home Page Gallery

  • In this example we are editing the Home Page Gallery.  Click on Edit Portfolio or the Website link in the toolbar on the left.
  • Then navigate to the home page gallery.




2. Layout Engine Themes

  • In every gallery there is a Layout Engine Gallery Tool.  This tool floats around the workspace for easy access.
  • To change the gallery layout choose Themes from the tool set.


  • The tool set now presents all the different options to layout the gallery's images. 
  • Once the layout is selected for the gallery click done to save and the back arrow for more options.



3. Layout Engine Adjust Themes

  • Now that a theme is chosen click on Adjust Themes from the main menu of the Layout Engine Gallery Tool.
  • There are a few options here...
    • Dynamic: This option adjusts the layout based on columns.
    • Fixed: This option adjusts the layout based on image size.
    • Image Spacing: This option adjust the spacing between images.
    • Margin: This option adjusts the area around the gallery.
    • Top Margin: This option adjusts the space between the top of the page and the image gallery.
    • Cover Photo: This option allows for a photo to be added to the top of the gallery.
  • Hit Done when finished to save the changes and the back arrow for more options.




4. Layout Engine Arrange Images/Auto Colorize

  • Click on Arrange Images in the Layout Engine Gallery Tool.
  • Then drag and drop images to rearrange them in the gallery.  Click Done when finished to save changes.
  • Auto Colorize: At any time this feature can be used to arrange photos with similar colors and tones to make the gallery flow a little better.




5. Layout Engine Background Color

  • From the main view of the Layout Engine Gallery Tool click on BG color.
  • This will set the color behind the images in the gallery.



6. Layout Engine Mobile

  • At the top of the screen click on Mobile to access the mobile gallery.
  • With the Layout Engine Gallery Tool click on Themes to access the different layouts for mobile.



  • Choose a layout that looks good for this gallery.  Below are examples of Circles & Masonry.



  • When finished click on Publish to make the changes to the gallery!

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