How can I get feedback from clients on images?


Communicating with clients is a focused feature in Pocket Portfolio.  Let's get started!

Check out these articles before reading through this one.  There is some information that needed before proceeding. Client Desk or Sharing A Client Gallery check out these articles by clicking on the links.

1. The Client Email After Sharing A Client Gallery

After a gallery has been shared with a client an email will be sent.  The client can access the gallery from the email directly.  

  • Entering of the password will be prompted if the gallery is password protected.
  • Otherwise a prompt to enter the email address the gallery was sent through presents.



2. Accessing & Commenting On Images

  • Once signed in, simply click on an image to bring up the commenting workspace.


  • Once an image is selected simply click on the comment icon to start leaving comments.
  • Click anywhere on the image to leave comments.  This is also where the client will view the replies made by the artist.


3. Alerts & Commenting Workspace

  • Once a client has made their comments the artist can view those comments from the Pocket Portfolio Main Dashboard.
  • In the top left corner under the profile image there will be a notification icon with alerts when new comments are posted.


  • Click on the notifications icon to open up the comments main workspace.


  • These comments can be clicked on to open the image.
  • The comments can be replied to directly from this screen.
  • Comments can also be trashed or resolved.  Once marked resolved the comment indicator will turn green for both parties.


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