How do I add social media icons to the website?


Once the social media links are setup in Profile the icons can be added to the website in a few simple steps.  Let's get started!

If Social Media still needs to be setup check out this article!

1. Navigate To The Website Home Page

  • Click on Edit Portfolio or the Website Icon on the left tool bar.
  • Then click on Edit Home page link.

*Note: This example is editing the Default navigation bar.  If there are custom navigation bars on different galleries the social media icons will have to be added to each custom and once on default.



2. Open The Social Media Workspace

  • Find the navigation menu and click on Edit Menu.
  • On the right of the screen there will be a Social Media link to open the workspace.



3. Turning On And Off Each Social Media Icon

  • Click on each social media icon to appear in the navigation menu.
  • If the icon is colored in it's activated on the navigation menu.  If the icon is white it's not active on the menu.
  • *Note: The color of the icons will match the color of the font for the navigation menu.  If the background color is changed the icons may disappear.  Change the color of the font, save and get back into the editing workspace.  The icons should reappear with there new color.


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