How do I setup my blog?


The blog is a built in feature for Pocket Portfolio users and really easy to set up.  Let's get started!

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  • Navigating To The Blog
  • Creating Blog A Post
  • Blog Workspace Explained
  • Adding Contributors

1. Navigate To The Blog Workspace

Click on the Blog in the left hand navigation toolbar or by choosing Blog in the Launch Pad workspace.


  • Once on the Blog page there will either be a Create Your First Blog page or the Blog workspace will appear.  Hit the button Create Blog or Add Post to start working on a blog post.


2. Creating A Blog Post

  • The blog post workspace has the following...
    • Title: Add a title to the post that has been researched.
    • Cover Photo: Add a cover photo to the blog post.
    • Text/Blog Body: Add the body of the blog post with embedded video and images to make it come to life.
    • Tags: Add tags to the blog post.
    • Preview/Save Draft/Publish: In the lower right hand corner there is the option to preview the blog post, save as a draft and publish the blog post to the website.


3. Blog Workspace Explained

  • There are a few things to be aware of in the blog workspace....
    • Create New Post: Click on New Post to add a new blog post or start a new draft.
    • Add Contributors: This will be covered below, but this area is how you navigate to manage contributors to the blog.
    • Blog Post Actions: For each blog post there is an option to delete, share, edit or preview.


4. Managing Contributors

  • In the Blog Workspace click on Contributors in the upper right hand corner of the workspace.
  • To add a new contributor click on Add Contributor button in the upper left hand corner of the workspace.


  • There are a few options in the Contributor Workspace...
    • Email/Name: Add the name and email of the new contributor. 
    • Invite Contributor: Click on Invite Contributor to send the invite.
    • Contributor Options: Here you can delete a contributor, edit and change permissions.



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