How do I setup my profile?


Setting up a profile is critical to communicate with clients and build a personal presence on the website.  Let's get started!

1. Navigate To The Profile Workspace

  • In the top left corner of the Pocket Portfolio workspace there is the Profile button.  Click on this to access the Profile Workspace.


2. Profile Workspace Explained

  • There are a few options in the workspace...
    • Profile Picture: Upload a profile picture for the agency or the artist 
    • Name: Input the name of the agency or the artist
    • Email: This is the customer facing email address for communication with clients and Pocket Portfolio.
    • Phone Number: This is the customer facing phone number for the agency or the artist. 
      • On the mobile view a client can press the phone icon and call this number directly or text it.
    • Password Reset: Click password reset to change the password for the entire Pocket Portfolio site.
    • Logout: The logout button will log the current user out of the Pocket Portfolio website.


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