File Vault: How do I add files to my portfolio?


Uploading & organizing files is an important part to keeping your portfolio optimized and working for you.  Let's get started!

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1. Navigate To The File Vault

  • File Vault is accessible from the Launch Pad Screen or anytime in the Navigation Bar on the left of the screen.



2. Starting A New Folder

  • Start a new folder by clicking on the the add folder icon in the lower left corner of the workspace.
  • Name the folder and click on create when ready.

*Note: You can have the same images in multiple folders.  This is a good way to keep work organized for client delivery or back up.



3. Adding/Moving Images To A Folder

  • Once a folder is created there are two ways to get images into it.
    • Move: Moving images from one folder to another.  Select the images to be moved by checking each one in the upper right corner of the image.  There is also a select all feature at the top of the workspace.  If this is done from the All Files folder a copy of the image will be placed in the new folder.
    • Adding New Image: There will be a prompt to add images to a new folder or you can click Add New in the top right of the workspace anytime to add new images.




4. Starting A Sub Folder w/Main Folder Options

  • To start a sub folder and see folder options Right click on any folder in the File Vault.
  • In addition to Creating A Sub Folder, other actions include..
    • Renaming the folder
    • Sharing the entire folder
    • Deleting the folder


  • Once the sub folder is created images can be added just like a main folder.



5. Sharing A Folder

  • A folder can be shared with clients or with collaborators on any given project before being sent to a client.
  • Simply Right click on a folder to expose folder options.
  • Click on Share to bring up the share workspace.


  • Below are the options in the share folder workspace.
    • Email: Type in the name and email of the intended recipient.
    • Comments: Add comments for the recipient to read.
    • Link: Create a shareable link of the folder.
    • Password Protect: Password protect the folder.


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