How do I use BTS?


Behind The Scenes is a great way to show clients how the work was done to get the image presented in the gallery.  It's easy to use so let's get started!

1. Navigate To The Gallery & Image To Add BTS

Select Edit on the image that will have BTS added.


2. Opening The BTS Workspace

Select Behind The Scenes to expose the BTS workspace in the toolbar on the right of the screen.


2. Exploring The BTS Workspace

  • This workspace is called Story Builder and the first thing to do is give the story a title.
  • Then describe what the story is or the shot the image is a part of.
  • There is an option to add a photo or a video URL as the first part of the story with a description of that image or video.
  • Scrolling down there is an option to add another row to the story.

*Note: You need to hit Apply on each row to save the content.  Then hit done when finished.


3. New Row Options

  • Once a new row is added the same options are available as the first story row.
  • An image or URL plus a description can be added.
  • Build row after row to tell the story behind the scenes of each image.

*Note: You need to hit Apply on each row to save the content.  Then hit done when finished.


4. Publishing BTS & Accessing The Content

  • Apply changes to each row by hitting the apply button.
  • Then hit Done at the bottom of the BTS workspace.
  • Publish the changes made by pushing the Publish button in the top right of the screen.


  • Navigate to the public URL for the website by clicking Preview or using the URL in the web browser.
  • BTS Indicator: In the right lower hand corner of the image there will be a camera icon.  This is the indicator that this image has a Behind The Scenes Story attached to it.
  • Click on the image to access the BTS.


  • On the top of the screen there are two views.  Image view and the BTS view.  Click on the BTS to display the behind the scenes story added.


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