How do I use image overlays?


Using image overlays can be effective for design and navigation in a portfolio.  Let's dive in!

1. Navigate To The Gallery & Image

Click on the Edit Button on the image the overlay is to be applied to.


2. Navigating To Image Overlay Workspace

In the toolbar to the right of the screen is the Image Overlay link.  Click on this link to expose the Image Overlay Workspace.


3. Exploring The Image Overlay Workspace In Default & Hover

*Default mode is what a user will see when landing on a gallery.

*Hover mode is what the image will display when the mouse is hovering over an image.  This is only available on the web version not the mobile.

*If a Hover Mode is not desired simply make both Hover Mode & Default Mode the same.

  1. Show On Mobile: This tool can turn the image overlay on for web & mobile or just for the web version and not on mobile.
  2. Background Color: This tool chooses the color of the image overlay.
  3. Opacity: This tool sets the opacity of the image overlay.
  4. Textbox: This tool allows for the addition of text on the image overlay.
  5. Link: This tools allows for the text on the image overlay to be used as a link or button to access internal Pocket Portfolio pages or external web pages.
  6. Opacity: This tool sets the opacity of the text on the image overlay.




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